Pdf Metadata Editor Help


  1. Windows and Linux :
    • Make sure you have Java installed.
    • Download the installer
    • Double click the installer and follow the installation process
  2. Mac OS X
    • Download the DMG
    • Open it, and drag the Pdf Metadata Editor.app to your applications folder
    • If you see “Pdf Metadata Editor can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer“, then right click on the app, and select open from the menu. The warning will be shown again, but this time there will be an Open option, use it to start the application.
  3. Linux
    • Install Java, for example in Ubuntu: apt-get install default-jre
    • Download the installer
    • Double click the installer and follow the installation process

Edit Pdf metadata

Batch clear and edit  PDF metadata

Adding Pdf copyright information

Use the XMP Rights section (you needs version 2.1.1 at least) in the tool as follows:

  • Set Marked to Yes
  • In Owners add copyright holder names, one per line
  • In Copyright put the copyright text
  • In Web statement you can put URL to the license text if you have it online


I don’t know where Adobe Reader DC shows the copyright information but if you use reader like PDF-XChange Viewer you can see the copyright information at File -> Document properties -> Description -> Additional metadata -> Description like this:


Command line tool

Usage pmedit-cli [OPTIONS] COMMAND [METADATA FIELD(S)] file [files...]


  -h,  --help                     show this help message
  -rt, --renameTemplate=STRING    set a rename template for 'rename' command
                                  any metadata field enclosed in {} will be substituted
                                  with the actual field value
       --license=email,key        install batch license and quit
                                  pass email and key separated with comma (no spaces) to
                                  install batch license from the command line.


  edit                            Set metadata
  clear                           Clear metadata
  rename                          Rename files from metadata
  tojson                          Extract metadata as JSON
  toyaml                          Extract metadata as YAML/Text


Enable field : [!]FIEDLNAME
  A field is enabled by specifying it's name. If the name is prefixed wiht ! it will be disabled.
  There are two special fields `all` and `none` which respectively enable and disable all of the fields.
  By default all fields are disabled, so you must enable at least one or the command will be a no-op.

Set a value: FIEDLNAME=value
  A field can be assigned a value with =, for example doc.title=WeeklyReport.
  Assigning a value to field also enables it.
  Fields that represent lists can be specified multiple times.
  Dates can be specified in ISO format, e.g :
    "2016-06-16'T'00:15:00.000'Z'" or "2016-06-16'T'00:15:00"  or
    "2016-06-16 00:15:00" or "2016-06-16"

Available fields :
  doc.title             doc.author            doc.subject           doc.keywords
  doc.creator           doc.producer          doc.creationDate      doc.modificationDate
  doc.trapped           basic.creatorTool     basic.createDate      basic.modifyDate
  basic.baseURL         basic.rating          basic.label           basic.nickname
  basic.identifiers     basic.advisories      basic.metadataDate    pdf.pdfVersion
  pdf.keywords          pdf.producer          dc.title              dc.description
  dc.creators           dc.contributors       dc.coverage           dc.dates
  dc.format             dc.identifier         dc.languages          dc.publishers
  dc.relationships      dc.rights             dc.source             dc.subjects
  dc.types              rights.certificate    rights.marked         rights.owner
  rights.copyright      rights.usageTerms     rights.webStatement   file.name*
  file.nameWithExt*     file.sizeBytes*       file.size*            file.createTime*

  * field is read only, assignment to it will be ignored

Clear all metadata:
  pmedit-cli clear all file1.pdf file2.pdf

Clear only author and title:
  pmedit-cli clear doc.title doc.author file1.pdf file2.pdf

Clear all except author and title:
  pmedit-cli clear all !doc.title !doc.author file1.pdf file2.pdf

Set author and title:
  pmedit-cli edit "doc.title=The funniest book ever" "doc.author=Funny Guy" file1.pdf file2.pdf

Rename file from author and title:
  pmedit-cli --renameTemplate "{doc.author} - {doc.title}.pdf" rename file1.pdf file2.pdf


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