tmux on Solaris

In the last month my work is somewhat related to Solaris and since I really got used to tmux I kind of miss it. Unfortunately it turns out Solaris is not the happy Linux land I am used to. One does not simply  dowload, ./configure and make install stuff in Solaris. Not without   the proper spells 🙂 So here is an attempt to document my experience to build static tmux binary, that doesn’t require libevent or ncurses shared libraries. I used a VM I had with gcc installed from openCSW.

First thing libevent, download and unpack it. Then:

Next goes ncurses,  download  and unpack. Then:

And finally we can compile tmux itself. This is abit trickier , as it seems tmux doesn’t directly support Solaris. Download and unpack.  You need to apply the following patch:

Use gpatch, obviuosly patch in Solaris carries some braindead Unix legacy which I don’t even want to know about:

Then we setup the CPP/LDFLAGS, ./configure and make:

Thats it 🙂 In the tmux source directory we have a tmux binary that depends only on system libraries so you can copy it to other Solaris boxes and use it there.

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